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Grassroots created website providing access to information about treaties, residential schools, land and water rights, concepts including colonialism, racism, privilege and allies. Also providing info on how non-indigenous peoples can build capacity, solidarity and relationships with indigenous peoples. 
Michael Redhead Champagne has spent the last 19 years speaking out and leading by example. Recently recognized in 2015 in TIME Magazine as a Next Generation Leader for his hopeful approach to community organizing. This blog consists of upcoming dates where he will be speaking, videos, photos and articles to address the North End community in Winnipeg and beyond.
The World Indigenous Business Forum is a platform that engages Indigenous people in global economic discussions. There are four main sectors that focus on global Indigenous economic issues including community, industry, academics and government. Leaders in these sectors are sought out to share their knowledge with delegates. Visit this site for more details and to perhaps register for a future forum! Always an inspiring and good time!
Grassroots and youth led magazine in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada features the voices and perspectives from our Indigenous brothers and sisters from all over turtle island. Each issue usually having a specific theme. Visit this site for more details or to submit your story.

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Each month I will feature a guest blogger or choose a submitted story or voice that I have received via email. If you would like to be a future featured guest, please send me an email at or fill out the contact form below. You may be any age, indigenous or non-indigenous and can submit any media in any form including writing, photos, etc. You will be notified if chosen and stories will be posted every 1st of the month.